Our company:

SOLID STONE LTD was established in 1992 in Veliko Tarnovo situated in the central region of Bulgaria. Company`s main activity: stone tiling and flooring, processing of natural rock and facing materials, billet and assembly of construction and architectural elements made of marble, granite, limestone, technical stone, gneiss, sandstones and etc. Solid Stone imports rock facing materials from all over the world, as well as the company exports limestone from the region of Vratsa, gneiss, sandstone, paving stones and other natural materials. The company fulfills projects on the territory of all member states of the EU, as well as on the territory of non-EU members. We transport materials to the building site and our specialist on-site visit guarantees for the qualitative performance. 

SOLID STONE LTD has a store in Veliko Tarnovo located on 78 Bulgaria Blvd, the car park of METRO CASH & CARRY. Our company has also production and storage facilities in the village of Ledenik located 3 km west of Veliko Tarnovo.  The store offers variety of more than 100 types of natural rock and facing materials, including marble, granite, limestone, sandstones, gneiss and others. Our production center is provided with modern technological equipment and qualified personnel. We have traditions in offering variety of materials, billets and assembly of construction and architectural elements made of marble, granite, limestone, technical stone, sandstones, gneiss, freestone and other materials required for new construction sites, and for repair and reconstruction of existing buildings.

Over the years of its existence, Solid Stone has formed as a leading company within the area of its activity, not only on the territory of Veliko Tarnovo, but in all regions of Bulgaria where the company still performs projects. The company is well-known both with its excellent quality and the ability to meet the customer needs by fulfillment the orders in good manner and in time. 


Natural stones with the property of construction material, precious like creations of art, have been used for centuries in the construction of agencies, monumental and domestic buildings.


- Stone houses

- Plates of rock materials for facing and flooring

                                                                                 - Monuments and tombstones

                                                             - Window-sill mouldings

                                                             - Balustrades and friezes

                                                             - Stairs and sills

                                                             - Exterior and interior architectural elements

                                                             - Decorative wall panels

                                                             - Special articles on customer`s request for exterior and interior

                                                             - Fireplaces and barbeques

                                                             - Nursery gardens and rock-gardens

                                                             - Stone sinks and barbeques

                                                             - Fences and walls made of natural stonework.


                                                             - Kitchen countertops and sanitary plots

                                                             - Tiling of administration buildings

                                                             - Door-sills and sills

                                                             - Paving stones